4-36209Е,SKF 7209CD|MPK 4-36209Е,SKF 7209CD

4-36209Е,SKF 7209CD|MPK 4-36209Е,SKF 7209CD Dimensions

Bearings Number 4-36209Е,SKF 7209CD
Bearings type Шариковый радиально-упорный
Producer MPK
Bearings Group шариковый радиально-упорный
Availability Price -
bearings number: 4-36209Е
SKF: 7209CD
Dynamic Load: 42.30
Static Load: 25.00
Outside diameter: 85.00
Inner diameter: 45.00
Weight: 0.40
Width: 19.00
Steel grade: ШХ-15
Diameter of ball: 12.70
Number of bulbs: 13.00
Nom. rotation frequency. with liquid. Lubricant: 20000.00
Nom. rotation frequency. with plasticity. Lubricant: 15000.00
The outer diameter of the inner ring: -
The radius of the chamfer -
roll Dimensions: -
Number of rollers: -
The inner diameter of the outer ring: -
The diameter of the rolling elements: -
The weight of 1000 pieces: -
Roller length: -
The angle of contact with the outer ring: -
The diameter of the track roller shaft: -
Rotation frequency: -
The radius of the outer ring chamfer: -
The diameter of the raceway of the case: -
Height: -
Dean. load radially. parts: -
Dean. load capacity hard part: -
Static. load radially. parts: -
Static. load capacity hard part: -
The diameter of the groove: -
The thickness of the side of the groove: -
The width of the groove: -
The height of the thrust of the ring: -
The height of the thrust ring: -
The width of the outer ring: -
The permissible misalignment: -